How to host/deploy wordpress on appfog within 2 minutes

AppFog delivers a reliable, scalable and fast platform for deploying applications in the cloud. Unlike installing OS, configuring, managing and monitoring a VPS (Virtual Private Server) like Amazon EC2 or Rackspace Cloud Servers, this kind of deployment/hosting platform/framework is much better for developers to use. As their punch line says “Simple, elegant, and modern way to develop and deploy apps.”

Here in the post we will describe how to host/deploy a wordpress site in a very fast way cause appfog has wordpress under quick installation option. Following this option will install both PHP with WordPress app along with a mySQL service under your account.

Step A: Sign up here without any hassle of providing a valid payment method 🙂

Step B: Click on “New App” button

Step C: On the next window select “PHP Wordpres” from the step 1 and select “Rackspace DFW” from the step 2 (You can choose any other infrastructure)

Step D: Name your app (nuhilblog for example) like the following under step 3 and click “Create App” button. You will see a poped up box about the building process and the page will be auto refreshed to newly created app’s dashboard.

Step E: In this screen you can configure your newly created instance by dragging sliders of RAM and instances. Appfog provides 2GB RAM under this free account plan. You can create and deploy unlimited numbers of app within this 2GB memory. You can drag the slider of RAM to suit/provide the required memory to a specific app you just deployed.

Actually you are done already. If you click on the button “Visit Live Site” on top right corner of the page then you should see a brand new wordpress is waiting for you to be installed asking Site title, Admin username and password. No need to provide Database detail cause appfog automatically done that for you 🙂

Ok wait, how can I manage my app’s database? According to the fast installation process, a mySQL service has also been created for you. You can check it by clicking “Services” tab from the left side of the dashboard. So, you just need to install a phpmyadmin for managing your DB. For that click “Create App” menu on the top of the page. Follow Step C and Step D again by selecting “phpMyAdmin” from step 1 and “Rackspace DFW” from step 2 and name the phyMyAdmin app as you wish (nuhilblogphpmyadmin for example). Now you will be refreshed to the dashboard of the newly created app.

Basically this “nuhilblogphpmyadmin” is another app under your appfog account. You need to bind your previously created mySQL service with it. Click on “Services” tab from the left. You will see the mySQL service on the right. Click “Bind” button beside it.

Finally you have to set a password for the security of this app. Click on “Env Variables” on the left. Then, on the right side window, enter “PMA_PASSWORD” (without quote) under Name field and enter your desired password under the Value field and click Update. Well, you can access this phpMyAdmin app by clicking on the “Visit Live Site” button while you are in the dashboard of the “nuhilblogphpmyadmin” app.

It will obviously ask for username which is the email address you used while signing up with appfog and password that you have set up under  “PMA_PASSWORD”(without quote) variable.
Thats how you have now two apps under your 2GB Memory appfog account.

Next we will learn how to create a custom PHP app with our own files and deploy it on app fog from our local machine.

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