A Javascript Handbook as Quick Reference

I collected all the major topics of Javascript with example code and explanation, and crafted here all together.

Nuhil Mehdy

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Check the Handbook I’m talking about Here without further reading below.

As a response to the ongoing hype and trend of JS stack all over the world, recently I thought to have a quick and refreshed overview of this awesome language. I am loving the way ES6 is taking Javascript to a great level by introducing awesome features in it. Node.js is another reason I am focusing on this language lately to learn developing back-end and API centric application in a robust, scalable and asynchronous way. I love the concept of Event Driven, Single Threaded, Non-Blocking I/O based model that Node.js provides to the app developer.

So, last week I ended up writing a Hand Crafted Note of some major Javascript topics with examples taken from different sources, just to have a quick overview. I also put this note in a public GitHub repository and published it using GitHub pages (powered by Jekyll) for the readers and contributors. Check out the Handbook Here and feel free to fork and update the page by creating pull requests to the main repository. I always hope to learn from the community :)

Note: I will also share my high level (not the deep/detail) learning of Javascript in near future as an open source course for my native community under my initiative named HowToCode.com.bd on This Link

Have a great day!!! :)

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