Nuhil Mehdy

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Importance of User Centric Privacy Management Framework for Ubiquitous Communication Platform

Privacy and its importance to society has been studied for centuries. While its definitions and formalization has improved with time, the struggle to find a one size solution that satisfies the requirements of each individual remains unsolved. Depending on culture, gender, age, etc. the concept of privacy varies from individual to individual and each user may have different expectations of how their privacy should be protected in different contexts. Moreover, increasingly complex and dynamic environment, and the ubiquity of modern communication platforms such as social media makes the user-centric privacy management extra challenging. Therefore, it is more important than ever before to design and develop tools and algorithms to support personal privacy management for end users. However, this must be done by not restricting or preventing the sharing activities but ensuring the appropriate flow of information based on rules, policies, and principles.

In modern social networking sites, an increasing number of users are sharing information to an arbitrary number of recipients through status updates posts, and messages without proper awareness of privacy threats and their consequences. In such cases, improper disclosure of someone’s private information could be the root cause for his/her privacy issues, and the negative consequences of disclosing such information could be immense. However, it is impossible to think about a day of a modern internet user without being connected with friends, family, and co-workers through social media. This is because of the huge advantages users get from these platforms in terms of connectivity despite the unresolved and complex privacy management issues.

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