Nuhil Mehdy

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Days are coming of Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things

“Wireless Sensor Network” (WSN) might be a known phrase to you and “Internet of Things” (IOT) might be a new one. However, according to my recent observations on several innovative ideas and inventions, I’ve become quite sure about the similarities and integration of these two terms in various contexts. I see no field of human life without these in upcoming years. For example - Getting sms from your home refrigerator about buying milk for today’s meal or collaboration between your refrigerator with your neighbour’s one and letting you know that you can borrow urgently for today from them, getting serious and accurate weather report from a remote distance, Gathering information about any kind of extinction occurring on a forest without even going there frequently, Monitoring big size plant or setup that does deep searching and critical working to uptake natural resources like gas, oil etc. Read more →